Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November Gifted Gorgeousness and WIPocalypse Update

It's time once again for both a Gifted Gorgeousness update and a WIPocalypse update.  I haven't had much time for stitching due to my current workload ... so I am combining both updates.

Shown above is my progress on "A Chirpy Sort of Place" which was gifted to me by a non-stitchy friend, who gave me 2 Pooh kits.  The 2 Pooh kits have lots of areas of solid color, which make them great to work on when I am tired or having trouble concentrating.  Below is where I left off last time:

I also stitched on "Simple Blessings" by Sandy Orton.  I am stitching this Quaker sampler from a pattern in "The Best of Kooler Design Studio", which was a gift.  This book has so many wonderful patterns!

I finally added the second turkey to my little "Give Thanks" sampler, which was a freebie pattern from DMC.  I wish I had more stitching time to finish this, as I don't really have any finished Thanksgiving themed pieces.

I also started another Sandy Orton Sampler using floss purchased with a gift card from my Mom.  This is the "Spanish Sampler" and is worked from the outside border in towards the center.  It has many specialty stitches, so it should be a nice challenge.  I have finished the outside cross stitch border 191 x 191 stitches and started working on a corner motif.

Here is where it is headed:

WIPocalypse question of the month: What pattern (or designer) is on your must-try-to-stitch bucket list?

I'm afraid I don't have a simple answer to this question.  I have seen so many wonderful designers over the years.  I would love to stitch "Bothy Threads" cut-thru Haunted House and cut-thru Castle, a Long Dog sampler, a Chatelaine, a Glendon Place dessert, an Ink Circles design or two or three, and I'm sure there are many more!

That's all for this update.
Happy Stitching!

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sugar Skulls and Uneven Evenweave

I stitched up these cute sugar skulls from a free pattern found here:

I stitched the skulls on 14 count white plastic canvas, backed the ornaments with black felt and added a black satin ribbon loop for hanging.

Last week I had a dental appointment that I was dreading, so I made myself a "goodie package" to look forward to when it was over.  My goodie package included the pattern, fabric, threads and beads I needed to start Sandy Orton's "Spanish Sampler".  (shown below)
Well ... I survived the dentist and excitedly started the sampler. I measured and cut the fabric and zigzag stitched the edges.   Following the instructions, I started stitching from the outside border.  

After counting and recounting.  Measuring and remeasuring.  Stitching and frogging and stitching again ... I knew something was "off".  I finally realized that my evenweave was in fact, uneven!

When I figured that out, I continued on with the border to get an idea of how the project would be affected.

This is what my border looks like currently:
Stitched on 28 count over 2 threads: I ended up with 13 stitches to the inch across and 14 stitches to the inch down, which makes this "evenweave" 26 x 28 count. Uugh!

I know this doesn't look like much progress, but I have 2 days and several hours into the project.  My sweetie thinks that the stitching will draw the focus and no-one will even think about the project not being square.

Me: "Well, I'm a slightly irregular person, so the project suits me."
Sweetie: "SLIGHTLY?"

So, I will probably continue on with the project and see how it goes.  lol. 

PS.  The uneven evenweave is MCG Textiles:

Monday, October 31, 2016

a Halloween Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop in Jo's Hallowe'en Blog Hop!

I'm just hanging out in the pumpkin patch stitching Jack O'Lanterns and waiting for the "Great Pumpkin".  I've hidden the secret letter amid the pumpkins.  While you search ... how about a pumpkin show?

I stitched this cutie from the Just Cross Stitch October 2013 Issue.  It is "Smilin' Jack" by Amy Bruecken.  I didn't have the exact button used for the sample, so I substituted an upside down heart button for his nose.

I found this sweet kitty cat out in the pumpkin patch talking to his little crow friend.
This pattern is a freebie by DMC : you can find it here!


Eek!  This frightened Jack O'Lantern was stitched from a larger pattern by Michelle Lutzen, found in the 2012 Just Cross Stitch Halloween Issue.

We are at the end of the pumpkin patch, and I believe I see your secret letter.  It is attached to a cute little Jack O'Lantern, stitched from a chart in "Cross Stitch Crazy" magazine October 2015.

In case you are graphically challenged, your secret letter is E

I hope you have enjoyed my little pumpkin show.   Please continue on to the next stop in the Hallowe'en Blog Hop and visit: http://hokkaidokudasai.blogspot.com

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

October Gifted Gorgeousness and WIPocalypse Update

It's time for a Gifted Gorgeousness Update and since the full moon is nigh, it's also time for another WIPocalypse update.  Gifted Gorgeousness projects are projects that were made to be given as a gift -or- in some way or part received as a gift.  WIPocalypse projects are all of the projects that I have in progress and hope to have completed before the end of the world.

 I had a finish this month!  Hooray!  I put the final stitches into "Quaker 2011" (shown above), a freebie by Gazette94.

I made some progress on my Rambling Rose miniature sampler.  I have to use magnifying glasses and a magnifying lens to work on this one, so I only do a little bit at a time to keep from going cross-eyed! lol!

I stitched on my "Too Much Honey Sampler", which was gifted to me by a non-stitchy friend.  I really made some progress on this one.  I finished Tigger and Pooh!  Next comes Piglet.  Stay tuned!

 Here is where I left off last time:

My "Simple Blessings" sampler by Sandy Orton is coming along nicely:

And last but not least ... I put some stitches into "Halloween Pumpkin" from the Just CrossStitch 2012 Halloween Issue.  I have almost finished the Jack O'Lantern and soon you will see a witches hat, a black cat, and a colony of bats start to appear.

That's all I have for this update.  

I am participating in Jo's Halloween Blog Hop again this year, so be prepared for some spooky goodness!

Happy stitching!

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