Monday, June 18, 2018

my Gifted Gorgeousness Update for June

Mini Banner Fall
It's time for another "Gifted Gorgeousness" update.  This stitch-a-long is being hosted by Jo of Serendipitous StitchingGifted Gorgeousness projects are projects that were made to be given as a gift, or in some way or part received as a gift.

I did not accomplish much stitching this month ... but I did stitch a bit on "Mini Banner Fall" (shown above), which was a kit that I purchased with a gift card.

I also stitched on "To Everything There Is a Season" by Sandy Orton.  This chart is in a pattern book which was gifted to me.

Here is what the finished project looks like:

I also put in a wee bit of stitching on "Candy Nutcracker" stocking ... I may be inspired to work on this more after Summer.   This chart is also in a pattern book that was gifted to me.

On another topic, I have been spending time at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, where they are featuring several wonderful "mosaicultures" as part of the "Imaginary Worlds" exhibit.  "Mosaicultures" are 3 dimensional sculptures made up of living plants. 

That's all for this update.  I hope to work in more time for stitching this month.
Happy Summer!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

my May WIPocalypse Update

"To Everything A Season" Sampler by Sandy Orton
I have a few project updates to show for my May WIPocalypse posting.  The first is my "To Everything a Season" sampler by Sandy Orton.  I managed some good progress on the left side border leaves and flowers, and added a few more letters to my alphabet.   

"Butterfly Forest" by Punch Studio
I spent some time with "Butterfly Forest", stitching on and around the big butterfly at the top.  I still have quite a way to go with this one.

"Multi-Coloured Alphabet" by Gail Lawther
I made more progress on "Multi-Coloured Alphabet".  This one is always a nice change from the projects with lots of color changes and blending.  Working with variegated thread makes it so easy.

"American Sampler" by Sandra Sullivan
And finally ... I put some stitches into "American Sampler".  I stitched the little squirrel in the tree, added more of the alphabet, a sheep, a crown, and started working on the inner border.  This is another project where I am just using leftover threads from other projects.

Question of the Month – Talk to us about your longest-running WIP or UFO.

I have several old WIPs/UFOs dating back to the 90's.  At the time I was very into carousels and carousel horses/animals, so I picked up a few kits (4) and received more kits as gifts (6) ... before I knew it - I had oodles of carousel related projects.   Many went into storage when I moved and I didn't get them back out until a few years ago.  I am slowly making progress on them, but still have 5 carousel related projects from the 90's lingering in my WIP list.

The last one I completed was "Carousel Zebra" in 2014!

So many projects ... so little time.  

*This just brought to mind the old "Twilight Zone" episode, where the man who loved to read but never had time survived the end of the world and found the library.  "Time enough at last!"  But then he broke his glasses.  

So all of you WIPocalypse stitchers who survive the Apocalypse better be careful with your glasses and needles!

Happy stitching!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

my Gifted Gorgeousness Update for May

It's time for another "Gifted Gorgeousness" update.  This stitch-a-long is being hosted by Jo of Serendipitous StitchingGifted Gorgeousness projects are projects that were made to be given as a gift, or in some way or part received as a gift.

I stitched on one of my favorite projects this month, "Spanish Sampler" by Sandy Orton.  This project uses fabric and floss purchased with a gift card - gifted by my Mom.  I finished the top band which included cross stitch and four-sided stitch.  I also finished the top left corner (shown above) with satin stitch, cross stitch and back stitch. 

I stitched on my mini banner, making good progress. I completed the border and filled in a bit here and there.  This project was also purchased with a gift card - gifted by my Mom.

I also stitched a bit on my Summer Sampler, working on the "Camp" section.  This one moves along so slowly ... so many, many color changes!  This project was gifted to me one Xmas by my sweetie with the set of 4 seasons sampler kits.

Last, but not least, I put in some time on my embroidered lap quilt.  This was a gift from a non-stitchy friend.  It is a printed quilt top pieced together in four sections.  I used lazy daisy, split stitch and stem stitch.

That is my progress for the month on my "Gifted Projects".  I can't wait to see what everyone else has been stitching!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

my April WIPocalypse Update

Maison De Famille (freebie by Gazette94 )
I have a finish to report for this month's WIPocalypse update!  WIPocalypse projects are projects that I currently have in progress that I hope to finish before the world ends.  I have all of my WIPs posted here.

I have completed stitching "Maison De Famille" by Gazette94.  She has so many beautiful free charts available on her blog: here.

I stitched this chart with leftover bits of floss in blues and greys.  I'm toying with the idea of making it into the cover of a photo album ... we'll see.

I also stitched on "Napping Kitten" (who now has a face):

 I worked a bit on my "Halloween Collage", adding a spider and a few letters:

 And I stitched more on "Multi-Coloured Alphabet".  I am past the half-way point on this one!

That concludes my "show and tell" for the month.  I have so many fun projects to stitch, that I will be posting in the WIPocalypse SAL until the actual "Apocalypse."  I hope to have a few more finishes this year.

Happy Stitching!

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