Sunday, June 20, 2004

a Tawny Emperor butterfly

yesterday was a bad day... I had one of those blinding headaches that makes you check the mirror to see if there is indeed an axe sticking out of your head. also, I lost my atm card... (uugh!) one of those things... you can't believe how stupid someone would have to be to leave their card in the machine... then lo & behold it happens to you and you really feel like a moron. (ps: if you are IVAN C PITONI - I found your card in the atm awhile back and cut it up)

today is a good day... I like to photograph butterflies and this morning I had the good fortune to spot a Tawny Emperor in Piedmont Park. when I got online to identify the butterfly, I found out that there were no verified sightings of the Tawny Emperor in Fulton County, Georgia... so I got my sighting verified and established the county record at the Butterflies of North America website. I feel like I made some tiny contribution to science (yay!).

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