Friday, July 23, 2004

buttons, buttons, everywhere!

today I am spending the day designing and setting up buttons and magnets in my CafePress shop. they are looking pretty cool so far... lots of ideas flowing. I'm sure I will end up having tons of designs!

on another topic... my sweetie and I are looking for a house, to make a home. this is my biggest hope & dream, so I hope we find something that is just right for us (fingers crossed & breath held).


  1. Hi Cheryl! I just found your blog through blogger and then I realized that I'd already seen your shop too - LOL. The 'spooky tree' design, for instance - always thought that was really cool! Anyway, just saying hi - will stop in now and again and see what's happening - nice to have another cp'er and a goonies fan too (via your blogger profile). *grin* (My shop's the Art of FoxVox Shop, FYI.)

  2. Hey Kristen, Thanks for the nice comment. I have actually visited your shop, as well. Your work is quite stunning. I love the detail you put into it! Thanks for stopping by and leaving my very first blog "comment".

  3. Cool! :-) It's an honor to break the comment barrier - LOL - and to be amongst such good company shop-wise. And good luck with the house buying!!!


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