Friday, September 17, 2004

incentive to finish work early

... as I am expecting the much anticipated Sims2. The game should arrive this afternoon, so I am quickly wrapping up all of my projects, and updating all of my websites. I plan to veg out in front of my pc all weekend!

Remnants of Hurricane Ivan left us without power (again) for most of the day & early evening, yesterday... Shortly after the power went out (around 4pm.), my sweetie and I braved the torrential rains to run out for a bag of ice. I still can't believe how much rain we got!


  1. I heard that parts of Georgia got up to NINE inches of rain - egad! Anyway - good to hear from you - enjoy the Sims2! :-)

  2. yes, tons of rain for everyone!
    PS. When I posted this, the Google ads were displaying an ad for "Singing in the Rain."


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