Sunday, September 05, 2004

Labor (free) Holiday

been enjoying the long weekend and keeping an eye on Hurricane Frances. I'm hoping everyone in its' path fares well.

house news: there is another contender... we are weighing options. Both houses are located great for our needs, both are equal in size, number of rooms, and age. Neither house has hardwood floors, both have linoleum in kitchens and 70's tile in bathrooms.

house A:

  • great finished basement - no noticeable moisture or cracks
  • old, needs updating, but clean and liveable
  • carpeting is all very clean
  • not much cleaning or painting needed
  • good sized yard, but somewhat sloped & not much sunny area in backyard, also not quite private from neighbors

house B:

  • large unfinished basement (some cracks, but no noticeable moisture)
  • old, needs updating, pretty dirty but liveable during fix up time
  • much more work to do inside this house - flooring needs to be redone in nearly every room (carpeting is all very dirty, really old linoleum in kitchen and laundry), also removal of old wallpaper and repainting
  • excellent yard!! best we've seen in our price range! very private & huge!
  • asking price is $12,000 less than house A

I always have wanted to fix up a house (painting, etc..) but I'm not sure if we would be in over our heads or not with "house B". This is a tough desicion...

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