Sunday, September 12, 2004

some good deals

I always love to find good deals when I'm shopping for groceries. Publix prints a 1¢ "mystery" coupon in the Sunday paper each week. It really doesn't matter what the item is... anything in the store is a great deal for a penny! This week I got an 11.5oz package of Folgers coffee for 1¢. Yay! I also like to play different stores against each other and work the "double coupons" with the weekly sales. This week I snagged 2 cans of spaghetti-O's for 10¢ each, and 2 cans of Bush's best beans for 9¢ each. Finding great deals makes the mundane task of shopping into somewhat of a treasure hunt! I haven't quite reached the savings that I've seen others hit... but my best trips include a savings of 43% off my total bill for 28 items, and 41% off my total bill for 58 items.

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