Friday, June 10, 2005

some finished projects

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI finished my second ever "art doll" ... hand embroidered in chain stitch over every bit of a felt base. The stitching took more than a couple of weeks. I rolled paper beads to use for the crazy "do". The finished doll is just about 4 inches high.

I have also been making paper. What fun! I received a little paper making kit for my birthday & have been recycling some of my used paper goods (junk mail, paper bags, greeting card envelopes, etc..) It's always fun to see how the paper turns out. The little kit I have, has different patterned screens with it & creates varied textures. It's easy to use & doesn't take up any space in my tiny apartment. The only drawback is that it makes postcard sized paper. But it's great for little notecards & collage-able goodies!

Yasutomo Papyrus 21 Handmade Paper Making Kit

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