Monday, July 11, 2005

carved corks

I have carved most of my corks into stamps. They work quite well & I am pleased with the results. I carved the letters for my name, making a big faux pas with the "R". Oops! I forgot to carve the letter in reverse, so now I have a backwards "R" stamp. Oh well... nobody's perfect! I hope to continue to build my collection until it rivals the collection of Peter Madden. Wanna take a peek at his collection? It is featured in the book Making Journals by Hand: 20 Creative Projects for Keeping Your Thoughts by Jason Thompson.

You can search inside the book for "carved stamps". The photo is shown on page 103.

This book has terrific eye candy! All of the great journal photos are truly inspiring, but if you are looking for general how-to info... it's not the book for you.


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