Friday, November 02, 2007

cupcakes for everybody!

I have been so busy stitching all these cupcakes! I had hoped to have at least twice as many made, but had a really good October for cupcake sales and sold them almost as fast as I made them.

The reason I have been stitching so many cupcakes is because I am being included in the Winter 07 Indie Gift Guide in Adorn magazine. (on newsstands November 8) I received my advance copy and the photo of my little cupcakes is just so cute!

PS. A shout out to the other wonderful Etsy shops featured in the gift guide: pillowhead, smallstump, dayler, trishankdesign, and foldedpigs.


  1. These are so lovely! May I ask what the base is made out of? x

  2. The cupcakes are made of felt and stuffed with fiberfill.

    I photographed the cupcakes on a stack of boxes stair-stepped and covered with a long sheet of white paper.

    Hope I answered your question.


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