Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bird Inchies

Pictured are some bird themed inchies I made for a swap at

I started with Serendipity square bases (paper collage, acrylic paint, metallic marker, stamping) and then added some hand drawn birds. I edged each square with metallic gold paint to give them a more finished appearance.

Serendipity squares are made by taking paper scraps and adhering them to a base piece of cardstock or paper. You can use your decorative paper scraps or even junk mail. After covering your base with scraps, feel free to doodle or scribble, sponge or splatter paint, stamp or emboss, add fibers or fabric or ribbon if you like. Once you are satisfied - cut the piece up into smaller pieces (1" x 1" in my case), and use for your other projects as a base or accent. There are several Serendipity square tutorials posted online for inspiration.

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