Thursday, November 06, 2008

a Junk Mail Art Journal

I am always doodling, drawing or jotting down random thoughts in a variety of notebooks and journals. I have never completely filled a notebook or journal ... I just seem to start new ones and keep going. In that spirit, I have decided to start yet another art journal.

This one will be different, though. This art journal will be finished (I swear!). It is small - about 4-1/2" x 6" and just 11 pages (22 if your count fronts and backs). I made this little art journal from my junk mail. I gathered all the little postcards and cardstock weight ads that collected near my computer, cut the larger ones down to size, and punched and bound them into this little book.

Currently I have begun gesso-ing random pages. I will continue to work in random fashion and just start gluing, painting, drawing, and adding to it as I feel the urge. I will post updates here as I progress.

Care to start journaling along with me? Grab some of your junk mail and punch & bind, stitch or staple it into a little book and get started. It's just stuff you were going to throw away anyhow - so you can't mess it up. Send me a link or photo or comment about it (I really would love to see it.).

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