Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I started stitching this set of puppets over a year ago and had tucked them away with plans to expand the set to include more characters. With CPSIA looming, I figured I had better photograph and list them for sale before they became illegal to sell!

They are listed in my Etsy shop here:
Alice in Wonderland Set of 5 Finger Puppets

I added a few extra details like a gold chain & trim on the White Rabbit's pocket watch, a pink embroidered flower in Alice's hair, crazy eyes on the Mad Hatter, and of course, a big ear-to-ear grin on the Cheshire Cat!

I am crossing my fingers for textile and thread exemptions in the CPSIA law, so I can continue to earn a living doing something that I love.


  1. Those are wonderful! I hope you'll keep posting new puppets here as well as Etsy so I'll be sure not to miss them.

    I've been trying to keep up with the whole regulations thing too, even though I am not a seller. On a money-saving blog (The Simple Dollar), the blogger pointed out that it could affect second-hand sales of children's clothes, and that whole thrift and consignment shops could go out of business. I thought I heard not long after that second-hand sales might be excluded. I certainly hope handcrafted items are excluded also. After all, it's not as if all those melanime products from China were handmade!

  2. Cheryl these are just too awesome!! I'm hoping that everything works out for the best, it'll be a terrible blow for everybody to have this regulation affect handmade products.

  3. Oh. my. word. Total cuteness.

  4. These are adorable! They put a stay for a year on the law. Yea!


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