Saturday, February 21, 2009

a new love for HP

I have been mourning the loss of my computer the past few days. This was one of my favorites, a trusty HP that I had since '02. Seven years with no major problems or issues & then it died quietly in its sleep.

This morning I went out and picked up a new HP, a slim model running Windows Vista. My nightmare of software installation and getting all of my goodies up and running has begun. Most of my software is old. Really old. I hate change & I hate buying software upgrades. Anyhow, one thing I do need is my digital camera (HP Photosmart 715). I ran into trouble getting the photos to transfer (camera is old & not Vista supported) ... and when I emailed HP for help, they responded to me and had a solution within 24 minutes! Wow! This is why I love HP. So now I am able to use my camera again (yay!) and I'm off to see what other glitches Vista is gonna throw at me.

I will be posting more crafty goodness soon.

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