Friday, June 12, 2009

some fine feathered friends

Bird puppets have always been popular in my Etsy shop, so I finally found time to pull some designs off my doodle pad and create two new birdies.

The BlueJay has been in my head for awhile, gently pecking at my brain. He was getting quite restless, so I had to finally let him out.

The Green Parrot was a whim. I looked through several photos of parrots - there are so many different kinds and colors! I opted for a green parrot as I was sorely lacking in green birds. I'm sure I will be creating more styles of parrot puppets in the future.

My current line up of bird puppets now totals 11: blackbird, bluebird, bluejay, cardinal, chick, chicken, duck, green parrot, owl, penguin, and robin.

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