Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another 100 inchies in a frame!

I finally found some time to frame up another 100 inchies. 
I mixed a few of my own inchies with those I received in swaps and private trades this year. Another wonderful mix of themes and styles!

I have filled 5 frames now & they look really great hanging on my wall. 

more info about inchies:


  1. I think I have about that many canvases filled with inchies also. It is a perfect way to display them.

  2. Oh this is such a neat idea!! I love inchies, and participated in a few swaps over the years so I got quite a nice stash of them, but never really found a good way of keeping them. They are in envies now, framing them is such a beat idea!

  3. ps. there are some awesome inchies in that frame btw!!


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