Thursday, January 06, 2011

Inchie Palooza!

Here are some inchies I made and swapped last month:
Crows: top row is colored pencil drawings, bottom row has colorful paper backgrounds with crows cut out of a flocked material.
Fruit labels: digital graphic backgrounds with tiny shrinky dink fruit charms added.
Steampunk:  What do cats in aviator hats & goggles have to do with steampunk? I would tell you, but it is top secret!  I collaged images and printed papers.  I didn't have any real gears, so I made "faux gears"  from card stock, using various sized round hole punches and metallic paint.
Snowflakes: Printed snowflake images with big sequins and shrinky dink snowflake charms.  Also, stitched snowflakes on aida cloth.
More inchies on the way ... I seem to be making them like crazy lately.


  1. How cute are these. Just love the miniature scale of them. My fav are the fruit label ones.


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