Friday, January 06, 2012

a Crazy Week of Stitching

I'm having a blast with the Crazy January Challenge! 

I have started a new project each day this week, and have posted daily updates on a separate page.  Click the Crazy Challenge link above to see my progress on them all.

Today I worked on a special project.  It is a simple cat sampler that I designed a few weeks ago & I have been dying to start.  This is the first time it has been stitched.

Once I have completed stitching it, I will post it as a free pattern on my hobby site.

1 comment:

  1. Hi--love that cat--can't wait to see it finished and then to get the pattern!!!
    I also read about your quilting project--I am really a quilter--or am I a knitter--or am I a counted cross stitcher-now??-well anyways--back to the story--I only hand quilt my quilts--and there is no way I can 'load' more that 3 stitches on my needle at a time--so that is what I do 2-3 at a time--and I am a lap--or is it hand holding quilter--I have tried every kind of frame and hoop--and always go back to just having it in my hand--
    you do what is comfortable to you--good luck--
    see you on Day 8th--
    mine for today is cats tooo!!
    Smiles Di


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