Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Sixth Full Moon of the WIPocalypse

The Magnolia trees are blooming here in town.

It has been a very busy month for me ... sadly, not too much time for stitching.  However, the WIPocalypse must go on & it gives me the extra push I need to stitch when I do have time free.

This month I did manage a bit of work on my Linen Bunny Sampler.  I really enjoy working on this one!

And ... I also made some progress on my old Ride to Dreamland Carousel.  I am slow working on this one, as it has a lot of blending filament mixed in and that stuff is a pain to work with.  (But it does add a nice sparkle.)

Until next time ... Happy Stitching!


  1. As I have been told, all progress is great progress!

  2. Your bunny sampler is just delightful -- I look forward to seeing more of it. Blending filament is indeed a pain -- I can sympathsize.

  3. Blending filament is a pain to work with it. I did find a similar floss that is suppose to work a little better, it is Madeira Glisson Gloss thread.

    Great progress!!


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