Friday, July 12, 2013


I have been selling at Etsy since they first started in 2005.  Things were slow to start there for awhile & then they really took off! 

Etsy has grown so large that I have been swallowed up and have disappeared into the sea of shops.

Sadly, my sales have dwindled and I am trying to venture out and see what other avenues I might find in which to sell my handmade items. 

Have you heard about CraftersTown ?

A handmade marketplace that is made for Crafters BY Crafters.  You can open a basic shop to sell your handmade items for free.  The basic shop allows you 30 listings and you pay no fees unless your item sells. They also offer premium shops with unlimited free listings, and NO SALES FEES at all.  You only pay the small monthly shop fee.

They seem to have gotten off to a slow start, but I can see the potential.  Already I am getting more views on my items at CraftersTown than I do at Etsy.  No sales, yet ... but it has only been a few days, and it hasn't cost me a dime!

CraftersTown has been running a contest and giving away 50 free 1-year premium memberships.  (That means unlimited listings and no fees for a whole year!)  If you hurry over to the blog, maybe they have a few left to give out: 

*Right now the categories are wide open!  They really need some crafters and artisans to fill up the marketplace.  If you sign up and open a shop, give me a holler and I will add you to my "circle".

My shop is here: 
I'm just getting started, but I plan to add all kinds of goodies in the coming months.


  1. Hello Cheryl

    Your shop is lovely and thank you for the information and link.
    Happy weekend (:

  2. Thanks for sharing the info!! All the best for your shop!:)
    I am not into business yet but may plan in future.


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