Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Couple Small Halloweenies

Due to technical problems that drove me batty (loss of computer and internet and several tech problems) ... I haven't been able to access my blog all week.  Uugh!

I think that I have everything back under control now ... so here are a couple of small Halloweenies!

I stitched this bat from a partial pattern in the JCS 2012 Halloween issue.  The pattern was "Six Bats and a Black Cat" by Belinda Karls.  I stitched the bat on plastic canvas, and added red glass seed beads for eyes.  I finished it with a ribbon hangar and a backing of black felt. 

My other little Halloweenie is a funny little Jack O'Lantern - also a partial pattern from the  JCS 2012 Halloween issue.  The pattern is "Eek!" by Michelle Lutzen.  I only had a tiny piece of linen, and he fit right on it!

I am working on a special original Halloween piece for the Halloween blog hop, so stay tuned! 


  1. Cute finishes Cheryl.


  2. i love that you took the bat from 6 bats and a black cat. I am stitching the entire thing.

  3. Both very cute but I really love that bat!


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