Wednesday, January 29, 2014

another Sandy Orton Sampler I want to Stitch (or two)

I stumbled across an ebay listing for a couple of old Needlework Treasures magazines from the 90's.  One featuring the American Sampler (above), and the other featuring Pageant Kings (below), both designed by Sandy Orton.  Of course, I scooped them up and will add them to my stitching rotation.
As I am currently working on 7 of Sandy Orton's designs, I am going to have to call her my favorite designer.  Her style appeals to me quite a bit.  In fact, I had no idea that she had designed the other projects prior to purchase, and they were all ones that I selected for myself to stitch - as opposed to receiving them as gifts.  I can't wait to start the American Sampler - I heard that it calls for a variety of stitches.

I was going to wait until my next WIPocalypse update to post ... however I have been making progress on several projects this month ... so here goes:
On the Beehive Sampler, I filled in a lot of the gaps in the central image and started the 1 over 1 stitching on the verse. (My first time stitching over 1!)  Here is my old image from May 2013:
I also made progress on Butterfly Forest:
Previous image from June 2103:
And finally ... progress was made on Carousel Tiger:
Previous progress image from December 3013:
With the weather so cold lately, I have spent more time indoors stitching.   We had a nice snow yesterday in Atlanta.
I stayed home and stitched.  Just about everyone else in town was stuck out on the highways and surface streets.  (No joke.)  Today it is still freezing with ice everywhere.  So, more stitching for me. 

Wherever you are ... I hope you are warm and happily stitching, and not out stuck in the snow and ice.


  1. You have made great progress on all your projects Cheryl.


    1. Nice new charts you acquired and lovely progress on your projects.

  2. Beautiful new charts! I look forward to seeing your work on them :)

  3. Gorgeous designs. Loving your progress on them xx

  4. Saw your post title Cheryl and had to bop over here. Sandy Orton is one incredible designer! I just got out my American Sampler from 'cold storage' LOL. Haven't worked on it in quite some time. I'm embarrassed to tell you when I started it - 2005! I took a class at my LNS and I'm only about halfway done. How crazy is that. It's a real challenge with the hundreds of queen stitches and over-1 work. I took mine off my scroll rods and put it on Q-snaps and liking working on it better that way. I wish you good luck, you'll most likely be done with yours before I am!

    1. Hi Jeanne! I popped by your blog and your sampler is looking gorgeous! I will likely work mine on Q-snaps as well. I'm sure I won't finish before you ... but I will be keeping an eye out to watch your progress. I can't wait to get started. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I have Pageant Kings also. Haven't started it yet. All of your WIPs look great.


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