Saturday, January 03, 2015

DUCJC : Days 1 - 3

The start of a new year and the start to DUCJC (Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge). 

I am attempting to do this challenge using only materials and kits I have on hand - with patterns I currently own, freebie patterns, or gifted patterns and kits.  The only exception I will make is floss (as needed). 

For Day 1: I selected a cute little Quaker freebie to stitch.   I chose to stitch this in shades of blue and green on 14 ct Aida.
Quaker (freebie)

For Day 2: I selected another cute little Quaker freebie to stitch.  I am stitching this one on 18 ct oatmeal Aida with burgandy and dark green vintage floss.
And for Day 3: What? Another Quaker pattern?  This one is called "Simple Blessings" by Sandy Orton.  As you can see, I am stitching this one in red and black instead of all red.  I think it will look terrific.  This is being stitched on 16 ct ivory Aida.
This Sandy Orton pattern can be found in this book:

That's it for my new starts so far.  I will keep my DUCJC 2015 page updated each day and I will add a new progress post every few days.


  1. Love all your new starts Cheryl. I really like your floss choices. Is the last one red and black or red and green?


    1. Thanks Linda. Oh, it's red and black, just poor lighting for the photo - it's been raining in Atlanta for a couple of days straight.

  2. Beautiful new starts:)

  3. Lovely new starts and I really like your colour changes.

  4. Quaker designs are always so lovely, nice colour choices you made for yours.

  5. Gorgeous new starts. I never used to like Quaker designs but they have really grown on me over the last couple of years.

  6. Oh, Simple Blessings is going to be phenomenal when finished. I'm not sure if I'd stitch a Quaker pattern to stitch myself, but they are so fun to watch grow. :D

  7. Great new starts! Looking forward to keeping up with your projects.

  8. Nice starts. I've got a quaker head on at the moment too so will enjoy watching these grow.


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