Saturday, May 16, 2015

May Gifted Gorgeousness Update

Spell of the Moon - Blackbird Designs
I've made a bit more progress on "Spell of the Moon" since my last update.  This pattern and the beautiful fabric were gifted to me by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching, who is also our host for the Gifted Gorgeousness Stitch-along.

This was my progress during my last update:
I also stitched a bit on "A Chirpy Sort of Place", which was given to me as a kit by a sweet friend.
... and this is what it will look like when it is finished:
I am happy to have some stitching time this weekend!  I haven't had much time to stitch the past month or two.


  1. Both cute designs! Hope you're having a nice stitchy weekend.

  2. Nice progress on two cute designs Cheryl.


  3. On my GG tour, I'm happy to meet this dear Winnie, great progress on the edge of spell of the moon. xxx

  4. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Spell of the Moon looks so good!

  5. Lovely stitching

  6. Great progress on both pieces.

  7. Lovely designs, good progress. Isn't it a great feeling to have some time for stitching!

  8. Anonymous12:56 PM

    You have 5 free snowflakes on the website. Their very lovely, but pattern #5 is missing some information. The second step before the point is missing. I've made pattern #4, and it is perfect for the garland I will be making.
    Know your busy, but will you send the second step?

    Thanks, Aida

    1. Hi Aida, I don't have your email, so I will reply to you here.

      I just checked the pattern and I don't see anything missing. The pattern is very simple. Round 1 makes the ring, and Round 2 makes the 6 points of the snowflake. Let me know where you are having trouble with it & I will try to help.

      Anyone else who wants to crochet some snowflakes, the patterns can be found here:

      Thanks, Cheryl

  9. Spell of the Moon is looking great - I love your background fabbie.

  10. Love your spell of the moon... And of course I can't go past a Winnie the Pooh design :)
    Hugs xx


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