Saturday, May 21, 2016

my May WIPocalypse Update

It's time for the May WIPocalypse update and I have some finishes this month!

My first finish is "Cottage" (freebie by Gazette94).  It turned out lovely and soft. (When do I move in?)

I also stitched "Jack-A-Rachnid" for the Halloween Ornie SAL.  The chart is by Deborah Dick of Tempting Tangles Designs, and was featured in the Sept/Oct 2013 issue of Just Cross Stitch.

The final finish I have for the month is my "American Eagle" latch hook rug.  I am happy to have this finished in time for Memorial Day, as I have so few patriotic decorations.

This brings my old WIPs list down to 47 from the start of 2016 when I was at 51!  

I put a few stitches into other projects, but will post those when I have made more progress.

Question of the Month:
What were you stitching this time last year and have you finished it? (via Jo) 
Last year I posted progress on 5 projects during my May WIPocalypse update: "Nature's Alphabet", "Orchid Intrigue", "Multi-Coloured Alphabet", "Quaker Flower" and "Autumn Heart".  I am happy to report that I did indeed finish 4 out of the 5 projects!  
Happy Stitching!


  1. Beautiful work on everything! I've stitched Jack-a-Rachnid too, it was fun.

  2. The cottage is very sweet. Your latch hook is amazing! What do you think of latch hook, compared to cross stitch?

    1. I emailed this reply - but I thought maybe other folks might be interested in the answer as well:

      Thank you! Latch hook is little harder on my hands, but I enjoy changing things up now and then. The latch hook kits today often have a blank canvas (with only grid lines printed on it), and a chart to follow (like cross stitch). It is easy to set out a row of yarn strands in the order you need to hook them, and then just hook down the entire row. With cross stitch, you would have to stop to change colors. So I do enjoy working both.

  3. Congrats on all of the cute finishes Cheryl.


  4. Gazette 94 cottage's looks great in the colors you have choosen. It certainly was very pleasant to stitch. Congrats on your 2 other finishes. xxx

  5. Great finishes!!!!!!!

  6. Lovely cross stitch finishes and an awesome rug! I've never tried rug making but it sounds like fun and maybe a bit quicker than cross stitching?!

  7. Great finishes and progress!

  8. You've been busy, the cottage is beautiful

  9. Everything looks wonderful. Good job.


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