Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sugar Skulls and Uneven Evenweave

I stitched up these cute sugar skulls from a free pattern found here:

I stitched the skulls on 14 count white plastic canvas, backed the ornaments with black felt and added a black satin ribbon loop for hanging.

Last week I had a dental appointment that I was dreading, so I made myself a "goodie package" to look forward to when it was over.  My goodie package included the pattern, fabric, threads and beads I needed to start Sandy Orton's "Spanish Sampler".  (shown below)
Well ... I survived the dentist and excitedly started the sampler. I measured and cut the fabric and zigzag stitched the edges.   Following the instructions, I started stitching from the outside border.  

After counting and recounting.  Measuring and remeasuring.  Stitching and frogging and stitching again ... I knew something was "off".  I finally realized that my evenweave was in fact, uneven!

When I figured that out, I continued on with the border to get an idea of how the project would be affected.

This is what my border looks like currently:
Stitched on 28 count over 2 threads: I ended up with 13 stitches to the inch across and 14 stitches to the inch down, which makes this "evenweave" 26 x 28 count. Uugh!

I know this doesn't look like much progress, but I have 2 days and several hours into the project.  My sweetie thinks that the stitching will draw the focus and no-one will even think about the project not being square.

Me: "Well, I'm a slightly irregular person, so the project suits me."
Sweetie: "SLIGHTLY?"

So, I will probably continue on with the project and see how it goes.  lol. 

PS.  The uneven evenweave is MCG Textiles:


  1. The skulls look great. With all that detail and intricate pattern, no one is going to notice the unevenness. Wonderful choice by the way!

  2. Your sugar skull ornaments are just perfect. I too dread the dentist, and ours just moved further away so now I am stuck finding a new dentist to dread going too!

  3. Love your sugar skulls and how annoying about the uneven evenweave.. although I agree no one will realize it's supposed to be square.

  4. What a great deal to have a goody bag to look forward to! A beautiful choice of project too. Hope all went well at the dentist.
    Love those sugar skulls!

  5. I think the borders will look fine but the lion and the unicorn might look a little squat. Maybe you could rotate it by 90 degrees so they become taller and slimmer? But then your border /// and \\\\ will be the wrong way round!

  6. My brother bought me some of that makers fabric back to the UK on his trip to the US last year, I showed it on the blog and was warned by another stitcher to take care when using it due to the weave.

  7. Great job on the finishing :)


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