Sunday, July 04, 2004

many free comic books!

Free Comic Book Day was good this year. The first shop I went to had a nice selection of the old EC Weird Science reprints for sale (which is what I'm most currently into). Sadly this shop only had the mainstream free comics, so my sweetie and I decided to walk a few miles to another comic shop & see what was available. The owner showed up late & didn't even have the free comics set up... (odd way to promote your shop for "Free Comic Book Day")... anyhow he did have most of the alternative free comics (yay!) I think the only one I missed getting was the "From Pixels to Paper 2004" issue (which I really would've liked to have). But I feel very fortunate to have received roughly 30 free comics this year!

I will be enjoying these comics for quite a long time and hopefully I will feel inspired to put pen to paper again & do some creating of my own.

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