Sunday, January 09, 2005

ATCs (artist trading cards)

neat! ATCs (artist trading cards) are collectible, mini works of art, created in baseball card size and traded between artists. They aren't sold, just swapped & collected. Read more about ATCs here.

I read about them awhile back & thought it was a neat idea. This weekend I started making some to swap around. I'm working "on the cheap" using recycled boxes... but they are looking pretty cool. Each of my cards is unique and drawn/doodled with Micron pens.

Other artists have created cards with collage, painting, stitching, beading, poly-clay etc.. so there are an infinite number of possibilites. Anyhow, if anyone happening to read this creates ATCs and wants to swap, leave me a comment and we can swap mailing info by email.


  1. This is really cool! I just joined the email list this page linked to as well. Would love to exchange cards with you - you can email me at foxvox -at- foxvox dot org if you're interested. (I wrote the email out to avoid spambots.)

  2. Info is on the way. Thanks!

  3. *note - I have been creating and swapping cards since my post about ATCs. I have posted a page of my current ATCs, many of which are available for swapping.


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