Wednesday, February 09, 2005

paint by numbers

after months of solid work, my third book of Pixel Paint by Number Logic Puzzles is nearing completion. All 100 of the puzzles and answers have been created & charted. The cover artwork and copy is complete, and I am nearly done assembling everything into the book layout. Then I simply need to await arrival of my proofing copy to make the final edits. yea! This was the hardest of the three books to complete & I am so happy to be in the home stretch.

I plan to take a few months off from puzzle creation, before I start my next book. I need a break and have the urge to do a (gasp!) paint by number. I started a kit last weekend & am finding it very relaxing. No thinking, no planning, no creating... just follow the numbers and paint. ahh! I'll post photos when I am further along with the painting. In the meantime, here is a cool paint by numbers site.

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