Monday, October 24, 2005

the Halloween Festival

Had a great time at the Little Five Points Halloween Festival in Atlanta this weekend. The parade is always terrific with lots of cool costumes and floats. This year's parade featured a lot more zombies than previous parades.

I have a few more photos posted over at Flickr.

Now I feel inspired to put up a few more Halloween decorations... Hmmm, where should I begin?


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  2. Hi Cheryl, I've had a blog for several months now and have only just discovered that if you click on any of your own interest links they link you to other like-minded people! So hello - love your blog!

    I think I have as many interests as you - I get bored easily too. I've just recently discovered ATCs (that's how I found you). So, hello!

    Debs (New Zealand)

    7:07 PM


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