Monday, December 05, 2005

Love for Chunky Books!

I received my very first chunky book just over a week ago, and I have not grown tired of looking through it yet!

Chunky books are collaborative art books in which participants each create original embellished pages (number of pages equal to number of participants). The pages are sent to the project host who binds them into books and returns the books to each person in the group.

The book pictured was a Halloween themed swap, featuring work from 17 artists. A wide variety of embellishments can be found in the pages - including ribbons, fibers, tags, beads, charms, spiders, skeletons, rats and more! One of the memorable items included in the book is a tiny handmade Ouija board hidden in a matchbox! (My pages featured a pocket holding a handstitched Jack O'Lantern finger puppet.)

No wonder these book projects have become so popular! I have signed up for several more to be completed in the upcoming months. I just added a section to my hobby site to feature the chunky book projects I am participating in, as well as photos from completed books.

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