Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I finally took a minute to join postcrossing! I am already addicted. I love to get mail (especially from far away places), so this is another fun website for me. Postcrossing currently has people in 129 countries participating. Each time you request an address and send out a postcard, your address is put in the que to be given out to someone else. The countries are chosen randomly, so you never know from which country you will receive your next postcard. Each postcard is assigned an ID, which allows the card to be registered upon arrival. I am also a "stats" addict ... so I really love to see the travel distance & time for each postcard.

In addition to the "official" postcard mailing, the forum has a lot of wonderful themed swaps and mail games. A fun site for postcard and stamp collectors, as well as folks who just like to receive mail.

31 OCT 06: I am posting pics of cards and stamps I receive here: http://www.hobbyloco.com/postcards_R1.html

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  1. Hi, I've been looking for craft blogs and found your site. I ♥ your finger puppets - they are SOOO sweet! :)


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