Thursday, September 21, 2006

the Sampler

I have been wanting to contribute to the Sampler for quite awhile now ... so I jumped right in. I sent in a nice big batch of Jack O'Lantern finger puppets and little skull badges for the October edition.

Since it was my very first time, I sent everything off nice and early (Sept 2).
I have been anxiously awaiting the USPS delivery confirmation update saying that my package had been delivered ... still no news. Uugh! Could my little puppet friends have taken a wrong turn somewhere? Where, oh where could they be?

The good news is that Marie (of the Sampler) is updating the list of received contributions, tonight. So, I am about to be very very happy -or- very very sad. Stay tuned as the drama unfolds.

PS. I stitched my 500th puppet this morning and the contest is now closed. Please check my previous post to see if you are the winner.

22 SEP 06: A big WOO-HOO and a sigh of relief! I'm on the list ... My little puppet friends made it to California and I'm am now officially part of "the Sampler" - October 2006 edition.

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