Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lately I have found myself surrounded by zombies!

It all started about a week ago when I found myself in a conversation with someone who's 4 year old had become obsessed with the game "Plants vs. Zombies" and was seeking out some zombies for off-computer playtime. I obliged with some sweet custom zombie puppets.

Then ... I started to notice zombies popping up in one of my art trading groups: Zombies, Vampires & other Horrors ATC Swap, and Zombies On the Loose Chunky Page Swap.

And then ... I received notice that my zombie finger puppets were being included in a zombie blog feature at "Creepy Queen Magazine", where there are plenty of zombies and zombie related items to be found.

So be on the look out, and guard your big juicy brain just in case...


  1. I love your zombies!!!

    I do ATCs also, but I've never heard of a "loose chunky page swap". What is that? I followed the link but I think that most people reading it already know what that means.

  2. Chunky Pages are basically artwork on heavy cardstock, watercolor paper, or chipboard. They are usually embellished with charms, fibers, and dangly bits. Sometimes they have pop-ups, or pockets, or special features.

    In the swaps they are sometimes traded loose, or sometimes bound into books by the swap host. When they are traded loose, they can be made into wall hangings by joining them together.

    I have done several of these swaps over the years & you can see some of my chunky pages & chunky books here:

  3. These zombies are so cool!

  4. These are sooo fun!! Love them :)


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