Monday, May 13, 2013

crochet finishes

I took a long vacation from thread crochet, as my hands just aren't as nimble as they once were.   I crocheted quite a bit 15 years ago ... and I recently heard the hook calling me back.  I finished 2 doily projects this month.

The doily pictured above was crocheted with variegated DMC Traditions cotton thread in Springtime colors, using the "Tiffany" pattern from the book A Year of Doilies.

The other doily I crocheted was from the same book using the pattern "Seashells", with standard white cotton thread.  I sent this one to my Mom & she remarked that she remembered her Grandmother used to crochet doilies ... so it runs in the family.

PS.  I found a wonderful website that has posted many vintage crochet patterns from copyright expired books. Includes patterns for EVERYTHING! Afghans, clothing of all types, doilies, dolls and toys, etc... Find just about anything you're looking for. No registration required.

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  1. Lovely doilies!! Thanks for sharing !! I am first timer to your blog. Like you, I too enjoy both crochet and cross stitch:)


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