Friday, August 02, 2013

Junk Journal

I made this junk journal for a swap in one of my art groups.  I spent about 3 months pulling it all together and really had a lot of fun with it.  The cover evolved as I worked on the project.  I added the cross stitched bluebird, and even a little face made from a piece of an aluminum can that I embossed.

I made several handmade charms to attach to the binding coils.  I have a closer view of the charms & how they were made posted on my hobby site, here:

You can see from the top view that I made the book really thick and chunky.  It is full of all types of papers, pockets, tags, postcards, and random bits of this and that.  There are easily over 100 pages, many are undecorated, but I did embellish a few to get the book started.

I have already posted several of the pages on my Journals & Sketchbooks blog here: - however the pages posted below weren't included in that post.

These pages all feature needlework - crochet or cross stitched motifs:

The beach scene on this page was cut from a piece of a junk mail ad.  This seashell is one of my original cross stitch patterns, and is available as a freebie here:

This page has a watercolor painted background and features a cross stitched squirrel.  Also a freebie pattern of mine, available here:

 I couldn't resist adding a small crocheted doily to the book.  I crocheted this doily from a free pattern found here:

If you are curious to see more pages from the junk journal, be sure to visit my other blog here:

Have a fun & creative weekend!

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