Saturday, May 31, 2014

More Time to Stitch

I had more time to stitch this month, so I am posting a few updates prior to my WIPocalypse update.

One of my new acquisitions this month was the "Cross Stitch & Country Crafts" magazine from May/Jun 1987.  I saw the cover pattern "Gathering Honey" online and immediately wanted to stitch it, so I tracked down a copy of the magazine.

I am stitching on 28 ct evenweave with floss I have on hand ... so it will be a bit different than pictured.  I got a good start and stitched all of the cobblestone path.

I also spent a bit of time working on my WIPS!

I finally returned to my "Summer Sampler" by Sandy Orton.  I have all 4 of the seasons - and am making slow progress on them.  I love the look of the samplers and enjoy working on them.  I enjoy completing each motif and then doing the back-stitching as I go, and I prefer to work on each of them during the season that they represent.

Here is my current progress:
To the left is a photo of my previous progress.

I completed the picnic section: finishing the basketweave, back-stitching the silverware, and completing the cherries.  I love the way the back-stitching makes everything pop!

Last but not least, I brought out my "Halloween Pumpkin".  This pattern is from the Just CrossStitch 2012 Halloween Issue (page 43).

This was the first time I ordered the supplies that were listed in the magazine (the exact fabric and floss) from the supplier listed.  I have to say that I was quite disappointed to find the color of the fabric was so far off from the magazine photo!  Wow!  Odd because the floss colors look exactly like the photo - only the fabric color is drastically different.  Is this a common occurrence?
I am one of those people who hates to return things - so I just went ahead with the project. But, I won't be ordering fabric listed with magazine patterns again, though.  I still think the pattern is really cute, so I am happy to stitch it.

Quite an update for me!  I hope to have a good selection of projects to update in a couple of weeks when the WIPocalypse rolls around.  Until then ... Happy Stitching!


  1. All your projects are wonderful!

  2. Great new start Cheryl. Wonderful progress on your other projects. I have those 4 seasons kits but have not started any of them. Yours are fantastic.


    1. Thanks Linda! If you ever do get the urge to start working on your Seasons Samplers, I would be happy to stitch-a-long with you. It might help me keep moving on them. Otherwise, I will probably be working on them for a very long time.

  3. Gathering Honey is a stunning design, you've made great progress on the new start.

  4. I've been stitching Gathering Honey too! A friend of mine has given up stitching and gave me all her stash including this design which she asked me to stitch for her as payment. Here's my last photo -

    It can be very hard to photograph fabric accurately, the colours look very different in different lights. The dyed fabrics can be very different too, if they use evenweave instead of linen or a different brand of fabric it will take the dye differently. Luckily I prefer your fabric colour!!

  5. Oh, yay! I like to stitch along when someone else is stitching the same design. Thanks for the note about photographing fabrics and reasons for variances.

  6. Halloween Pumpkin looks great. Sorry you were disappointed that the fabric didn't match.


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