Monday, August 11, 2014

WIPocalypse Update for August

It's time again for the WIPocalypse check-in

My stitching isn't too terribly interesting this month ... so I hope you enjoy this photo, which I snapped on one of my morning walks this week.

I had a very busy month, so not much time for stitching.

The small bit of stitching I managed this month includes a good start on "Blue Mr. Monster" by Mosey 'N Me from the 2012 JCS Halloween Issue.

I am stitching on 14 ct aida that I dyed myself and then "dirtied up" with coffee grounds.  I am using little bits of leftover floss ... it's a work in progress. 

I have made a tiny bit of progress on "Gathering Honey". 

And ... I finished the edges of the Lighthouse latch hook rug, by stitching on the rug binding.  This photo shows the back side of the rug.  It is ready for gift giving!

This month’s WIPocalypse topic is: Tell us about your oldest and newest WIPs.

My oldest WIP has to be "Her Majesty's Carousel", which I started sometime in the 90's - It is so close to being finished, yet I never seem to pick it up.  I'm sure one day I will feel the urge to finish it. My newest WIP is "Blue Mr. Monster" (shown above), which I just started a couple of weeks ago.

That's all for my update.  I hope to find more time to stitch this month.


  1. A super picture, the doorway looks very inviting, I wonder what treats are along that pathway?
    Great new starts, the fabric looks lovely.

  2. Cute new start Cheryl. I love the green fabric.


  3. Love the photo of the mysterious door.

    Have you seen my progress picture of Gathering Honey? I got plenty done while on holiday. But I am really far behind with the blog reading!!


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