Friday, April 15, 2016

my April Gifted Gorgeousness Update

It's time for another Gifted Gorgeousness update.  These are projects that were gifted to me in some way (kit, pattern, fabric, floss) or projects that I am making for others.

I stitched a bit on Dutch Sampler by Sandy Orton.  I seem to skip around as I work on this ... but I really enjoy stitching it.

Here is where I left off in March:
Here is where I am headed:

Some big excitement this month (lol) ... I used a gift card to purchase floss for my "American Sampler" project (also by Sandy Orton).  This sampler has some interesting stitches such as: rice stitch, queen stitch, florentine stitch, vertical satin stitch, alternating running stitch, and alternating half cross stitch. 

I am stitching on a piece of 26 ct Antique Brown linen that I purchased with an Etsy gift certificate.  I might have had an easier time had I chosen to stitch on evenweave instead of this linen (which has some thicker, some thinner threads), but I like the look of the linen - so I will forge ahead and try to keep up.
Here is where this project is going:

So ... this one will be quite a journey.

That's all for my Gifted Gorgeousness updates.  I have been working on several of my other projects, which I will feature in my WIPocalypse update later this month.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I love the Dutch Sampler design. The various alphabets are wonderful. You made some nice progress.
    Wow, that sampler is gorgeous!

  2. Awesome progress on both projects Cheryl. The designs are beautiful.


  3. Ooo pretty! Great update :)

  4. Both samplers are gorgeous projects. And you made some great progress on them.

  5. Thank you for taking part in GG this month.
    Both your projects are amazing! I love all those Queen stitches in the corner of the sampler. You must continue to show us close-ups to appreciate the skill and beauty of this sampler.

  6. Great stitching, the American Sampler is gorgeous

  7. Both your sampler are gorgeous. American Sampler is truly a piece of art.

  8. Both your projects are amazing and ambitious, and the specialty stitches look challenging but fun :) The colours in the American Sampler are so cheerful and vibrant. Good luck with your stitching!

  9. Your projects are so pretty a nd colourful. I will enjoy watching them grow.

  10. Wow - those are two huge samplers! The little motifs will probably feel like mini finishes though.

  11. Two lovely projects

  12. Two great designs by Sandy Orton - you will so enjoy stitching these, I am sure.

  13. I love your two samplers... the second one is my favourite though I think! Great choice to use your gift certificates for :o)
    Hugs xx

  14. That looks beautiful. I am learning to appreciate samplers, I really love the look of them. Great GG
    xo Alicia


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