Tuesday, February 28, 2017

my February WIPocalypse Update

Time flies and it is time for another WIPocalypse update already!

I didn't make much progress on my projects this month, but I did manage some.  Shown above is my "Winter Sampler" by Sandy Orton.  I have been working on all 4 of the season samplers and really love them ... but they do take time with all of the color changes and back stitching.

You can see from my previous progress photo that I did  manage to finish the french knot & back stitched snowflakes around the ice skate.  I also worked a bit of the next motif to the left.

I am trying to work a bit on all of my projects this year, so the next in line was my "Berry Patch Rooster".  I  stitched on his wing.
Here is where I previously left off:

That is absolutely all of the stitching I managed for this update.  I hope to have more time to stitch next month (fingers crossed).

Topic of the month: What is your favorite stitch other than the standard cross stitch?  (bonus points if you provide a how-to link or diagram it on your blog post!)

Hmm ...  I have a fondness for the "Algerian Eyelet" stitch, which is used in two of the samplers I am working on: "Dutch Sampler" and "Spanish Sampler".

It is time consuming, but I love the way it looks when completed.  

Happy Stitching!


  1. Two lovely projects, great progress

  2. Great progress on your two pieces. Algerian Eyelets are probably my favourite too

  3. Great progress Cheryl.


  4. Great progress, I love the winter sampler (might have to add those season samplers to my stash one day) =)

  5. You can really see the progress you've made from the photos.
    I like the Algerian Eyelets too but those letters are very time consuming. Gorgeous though!

  6. I loved seeing your progress. I rarely work with any stitch other than the basic cross-stitch. I think I need to expand my repertoire.

  7. That stitch looks fun but I haven't tried it yet. Great progress!


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