Saturday, July 15, 2017

My July Gifted Gorgeousness Update

Summer Sampler
It's time for another Gifted Gorgeousness update.  "Gifted Gorgeousness" projects are projects that were made to be given as a gift -or- in some way or part received as a gift. 

This month I pulled out a couple of projects that I haven't stitched on in awhile.  I added a seashell, a grasshopper and a butterfly to my "Summer Sampler" (shown above). I was gifted the 4 seasons kits one year at Christmastime.  I love the samplers, but am making slow progress on them. The seashell I finished on the top left took me over 2 hours - so this sampler will be a marathon project.

To Everything a Season
I also stitched on my "To Everything A Season" sampler.  I finished the Bargello stitching in the zig-zag band, the four-sided back stitching below the T U V W, and I put some stitches into the flowers on the top right. 

I accomplished quite a bit of work on my Cow Sampler!  Here is where I left off last time:

 I'm hoping to count this one as a finish before the end of the year.  

That's all the progress I have made on my "gifted projects".  
Much better than last month, 
I can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to!


  1. Lovely work on your samplers, the colors are so beautiful and he cows are so cute =)

  2. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. You made so much progress on your pieces, especially the cows!
    I love bargello, such a lovely stitch.

  3. Lovely projects, lovely progress.

  4. Great stitching, the cows are adorable

  5. You made a ton of progress! Everything is looking lovely!

  6. Lovely your projects, Suzi.


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