Monday, August 28, 2017

my August WIPocalypse Update

Napping Kitten
It's time for another WIPocalypse update!   These are projects that I have been working on and hope to finish before the world ends.  My stitching time has not been as plentiful the past couple of weeks, but I did manage to work on a few of my WIPs.

I put some stitches into "Napping Kitten".  Shown below is where I left off last time.

I also stitched a bit more on my "Cow Sampler".  I hope to have this finished by my next update.

I put a little bit of time into "Victorian Charm".

And last but not least ... I managed a few more rows on my latch hook rug, "Monterey Sunset".

I guess that covers my WIP stitching progress for the month.  

Question of the Month – How do you get yourself out of a stitching drought?

I guess I don't worry too much about having a stitching drought.  Most months I am too busy to find enough time for my stitching.  If I get 15-30 minutes a day I am happy!  All I need to do to feel the urge to stitch is to look at my WIPs page and I am ready to go!  

See ya' next time.


  1. Great work, the Cow Sampler is so nearly done too.

  2. Oh your napping kitty is so cute and now she has her most adorable face =) You seem to be very close to finishing your cow sampler, I am positive that you will have this done in no time ;-)

  3. oooo so close. Love the sampler and the kitty cat is gorgeous.

  4. To get me out of a drought I buy a new pattern. :)


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