Tuesday, April 28, 2020

WIPocalypse Update for April

I'm still here and stitching for the WIPocalypse.  You'd think that I would have lots of stitching accomplished ... not quite ... however I do have some progress to report.
As you can see above, I made progress on my "Berry Patch Rooster".   The photo below shows where I left off last time.
I still have plenty to do: the remainder of the rooster, all of the berries,  most of the border, and all of the back stitching.   But progress was made.

I also had the itch to pick up Theresa Wentzler's "Castle Sampler".   I finished the basic framework of the main border and did more work on the interior border.  It doesn't look like much ... but this was hours and hours of stitching!  Progress!

Previous update:

Lastly, I stitched a bit on my "Women of the Mayflower Sampler".  I don't really have the right floss colors, but I am making do with floss I have on hand..   I really wanted to stitch this now. 

Four hundred years ago the passengers (including a couple of my ancestors) took that long journey on a crowded ship with rough seas and shortages of food and other items, to make their way to the new world for the chance at a better life.  Our few months of quarantine pale in comparison - but this does make a fitting and memorable time to stitch this piece.  1620 ~ 2020

Question of the Month: Talk to us about your longest-running WIP or UFO.

I have several projects from the 90's that were boxed up in storage for years.  I do pick them up occasionally and add a few stitches, but haven't really had the incentive to finish them.  I am drawn more to my current projects.  However, I do try to complete at least 1 of my oldest projects each year.   Last year I finished "Carousel Tiger" by Angela Pullen which was a gift from my younger sister back in the 90's.
I hope you are all faring well during this crazy time.  
Happy Stitching!


  1. Your rooster now has legs and feet.
    Borders always seem to take much longer to stitch don't you think?

  2. The TW is looking great. It is a good idea to work on the border as well as the more interesting picture!
    I'm trying to complete one older WIP per year. Trying LOL

  3. I love your rooster =) Great work =)

  4. Wow, fantastic progress! So tempting to skip the border, but if you've already started it's rather difficult.


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