Tuesday, June 02, 2020

WIPocalypse Update for May

I'm still here and stitching for the WIPocalypse.  This stitch along features works in progress that I hope to finish before the world ends.

This month I managed to put stitches into several projects.  Shown above is my "Spring Sampler".  I stitched the Lily of the Valley section, and a bit of the frame to the right of that.

I always enjoy stitching on this sampler during the Spring!  *Bonus: the Lily of the Valley is my birth flower.

Continuing on ... I also stitched a bit on my "Summer Sampler".  I stitched the cream background behind the "camp" section and added the "Wish you were here" cursive text.

I finished most of the butterfly in the top left of "Butterfly Forest".  I have a bit more color to stitch and then the back stitching to complete the butterfly.

I also stitched on my "Bothy Threads cut thru' Pirate Ship".  I added more of the ship.

Finally, I have been working on "Hummingbird and Fuchsias".  This is a printed piece.  I have such a hard time getting the stitches even as I stitch on the printed areas of the cotton fabric.  I am having to let it be "not perfect" and it seems to be looking fine despite my "not perfect" stitching. 

I made quite a bit of progress with the leaves - but do have lots of back stitching to add.

Question of the Month: Tell us about a piece that you absolutely loved stitching.

Such a hard question.  I have so many projects that I loved stitching.  (I really love stitching the bothy threads cut thru' kits!) 

I will just post a couple of my favorites.

Nature's Alphabet by Sandy Orton.  This kit had only about a dozen colors. Simple and straight forward.  No blended colors, no fractional stitches, no back stitching.  It was fun and easy to stitch.

I also enjoyed stitching "Simple Blessings" by Sandy Orton.  I opted to stitch it in red and black.  It was another simple stitch with no blending or fractional stitching.  Easy to follow and a lovely finish.

That's all I have for my update this month.
Happy Stitching!


  1. Lily of the Valley was the perfect flower to be stitching in May.

  2. Wonderful work this month. You are clearly a big fan of Sandy Orton.
    Both finishes are beautiful but I particularly like the Quaker design.

  3. Your Spring Sampler looks beautiful so far, so many colourful flowers. And your Summer Sampler is lovely too.
    Nice progress on the rest of your stitching and your favourite finishes look great.

  4. Hi Cheryl, Beautiful cross stitch. Love the shells. I am a beginner to intermediate, and would like to use a cross stitch tracker. Any suggestions, I am in Canada. Thanks


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