Thursday, April 17, 2014

WIPocalypse Update for April

Time once again for my WIPocalypse update!

I had a very tough month (emotionally, physically, and financially) and almost no free time to stitch.  I'm encouraged that things are going to improve ... so time will tell.
I did manage to make a bit of progress on my Nature's Alphabet Sampler.  Below is my progress photo from last month.
And I also worked on my latch hook rug:
March progress:
April progress:
That's it for my needlework progress this month.

For this month's WIPocalypse update, we are supposed to talk about how we organize our stash.  Well ... I don't really have much stash.  I keep my current kits, magazines, and extra fabric in a canvas tote.  I do have some of my older projects packed in storage (which will be like a treasure hunt when I finally re-discover them!).  I tried the little bobbins for floss & just don't like the crimps in the floss that you get from winding them.  I tried the binder pages with the long bobbins & didn't care for that system either.  So, I keep my extra floss in a big plastic bag inside my wooden stitching box.

Instead of showing boring photos of my tiny stash ... I will share photos of what has been going on in Atlanta:
The Dogwood trees are in full bloom!  As well as the Wisteria:
Happy Spring!

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  1. Love the sampler, very cute xx

  2. Wonderful progress Cheyl. Hope things improve for you soon.


  3. Your sampler looks fantastic! May your luck change to all good.

  4. I am so in love with that Nature's Alphabet! BTW, on the floss bobbins, Ihave alwyas had the habit of dampening my floss after it's on the needle, and doing that also gets rid of any crimps or creases in the floss.

  5. I love your stitching and rug. It has been quite a while since I did a latch hook. I always enjoyed them. I may have to look for a project. I hope the upcoming month is better than the last.

  6. I hope life improves for you soon.

  7. New follower to your blog - I love the pieces you are working on! The Spring Sampler is gorgeous, and I have always loved Theresa Wentzler's Castle Sampler. Looking forward to your updates!


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