Sunday, May 11, 2014

a Happy May Day Off!

Yesterday was the first day off I have had in months!  So I spent the day relaxing and working on many of my projects. 

I haven't had a finish in so long that I decided to stitch an ornament from start to finish.  I selected "Majestic Bird" by Sandra Sullivan from the JCS 2013 Christmas Ornaments Issue.  I stitched with variegated floss on 18ct oatmeal Aida, but the variegation is hard to see in the photo. 

I will post updates for my larger projects next week in my WIPocalypse post.

I will leave you with a lovely Springtime photo from one of my morning walks this week.
The dogwoods, azaleas, and wisteria blooms have disappeared - but now the roses are all blooming!


  1. Congrats on the adorable finish Cheryl.


  2. Lovely ornament. I must admit this one passed me by when I went through the issue but now I've seen yours I may have to dig it out

  3. I don't remember seeing this one in the issue, like Christine, i'll have to look it out.
    Beautiful rose, I bet the scent is devine.

  4. Nice ornie! I've seen this one stitched quite a few times, I like the colours you've chosen.


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