Tuesday, September 26, 2017

my September WIPocalypse Update

Castle Sampler
It's time again for a WIPocalypse update.  Where did the time go?   WIPocalypse projects are all of the projects that I have in progress, that I would like to finish before the world ends.

This month I only managed to work on a couple of my WIPs.  I picked up Teresa Wentzler's Castle Sampler.  Last time I stitched on it, I was so happy to have stitched several of the clouds to the left of the castle.  So much blending, so many slightly different colors ... well, after stitching several clouds, I noticed that all of the clouds were supposed to be done in 1/2 stitch only.  Uugh!   So this month, I frogged out all of the clouds and moved right over to stitch on the border.  One color, no blending, no 1/2 stitches - just plain old cross stitch.  What a relief!  

Here is where I left off last time:

I also stitched on my "Linen Sampler" by  Nancy Rossi.  I managed to finish the leaves across the middle of the sampler, and started stitching the larger alphabet.  I still have quite a ways to go on this one.  

Also this month, I worked on my Gifted Gorgeousness projects (see my previous post), and I stitched on a Halloween project in preparation for next month's festivities.

I have 7 finishes for the year so far - which is surprising, as my stitching time has been sadly lacking.  I still have 22 WIPs that I haven't even touched this year!  So much to do, so little time!  I am really going to try to put at least a few stitches in each of those 22 before the end of the year. 

Question of the Month – Which floss (or color of floss) do you absolutely adore and want to stash constantly?

I really don't have a floss stash.  I tend to have everything kitted up & then use any leftover floss for ornaments as I go along.  If I was going to stash - I would likely stash black floss (for big Quaker samplers and Halloween projects).

That's all I have for my update ... I look forward to seeing what everyone else has worked on this month.

Happy Stitching!



  1. Lovely progress Cheryl.


  2. Great progress! Well done :o)

  3. I love seeing your Castle sampler updates - this was the 2nd or 3rd project I ever stitched, probably in the early 90s! I loved every stitch of it.

  4. Sorry about the TW frog but the border is gorgeous.

  5. Fabulous progress on the TW, well done.

  6. Darn frog, but it's looking great!
    Your linen sampler looks lovely, that will keep you busy I'm sure.


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