Sunday, April 29, 2018

my April WIPocalypse Update

Maison De Famille (freebie by Gazette94 )
I have a finish to report for this month's WIPocalypse update!  WIPocalypse projects are projects that I currently have in progress that I hope to finish before the world ends.  I have all of my WIPs posted here.

I have completed stitching "Maison De Famille" by Gazette94.  She has so many beautiful free charts available on her blog: here.

I stitched this chart with leftover bits of floss in blues and greys.  I'm toying with the idea of making it into the cover of a photo album ... we'll see.

I also stitched on "Napping Kitten" (who now has a face):

 I worked a bit on my "Halloween Collage", adding a spider and a few letters:

 And I stitched more on "Multi-Coloured Alphabet".  I am past the half-way point on this one!

That concludes my "show and tell" for the month.  I have so many fun projects to stitch, that I will be posting in the WIPocalypse SAL until the actual "Apocalypse."  I hope to have a few more finishes this year.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Great finish, very pretty.

  2. Love your finish and your wips are fantastic!

  3. Great progress! I always enjoy looking at your blog.

  4. I like all your stitching, especially that sleeping kitten!

  5. Great work. I love the idea of using scraps of thread to stitch the monochrome design. I must find a suitable one for myself!
    Love that multi-coloured alphabet too. I was only looking at my matching card last week.

  6. Everything looks great, especially the kitty!


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